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5V0-32.19 exam experience

I had posted earlier here about my preparation for the VMware Cloud Provider Specialist Exam 2019 exam. I am happy to announce that I passed this exam on the 29th of June 2021.

I paid for the exam using a voucher I purchased from VMware certification marketplace about a year ago. I had to purchase via the marketplace because of some restrictions Pearson placed on card transactions from my country.

After paying for the exam using the voucher, I noticed that the exam stated that it was non-proctored. Apparently, this meant that I won’t be using OnVUE software with a proctor on the other end monitoring and supervising the exam like I was used to.

Another weird thing about the exam was that I could not schedule it more than 48 hours in advance. I also could not reschedule it after it was scheduled.

After going through the objectives one more time especially the parts that were a bit confusing; Section 2 (VMware Products and Solutions) and Objectives 4.9 (Install and configure vCloud Director Extender) and 7.6 (Apply use cases for vCloud Director allocation models)

The time limit of 60 questions was sufficient to go through all the 40 questions twice and still review the questions I marked.

I was a bit uneasy throughout the exam because I had to run my router and laptop off my UPS and I wasn’t sure how long they’ll last.

All in all, I think the exam was a very good test of the skills and expertise required to deploy and manage VMware vCloud Director. It also tests the knowledge of the overall Cloud Provider Platform.

I passed with a score of 333. The passing score was 300.

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