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Finding my path as a Solutions Architect

Introduction Somehow, I like to start with definitions cos I feel someone reading may not know what I'm speaking about or may not understand. So, the first term I'm defining is Solutions Architect. In simple terms, a solutions architect is a problem solver. one way to think about this role is to look at the… Continue reading Finding my path as a Solutions Architect


There is a string

When I listen to some amazing songs like Casting Crowns, One Awkward Moment, I can't help but wonder how these artists were able to write words and compose melodies to go with those words. Did Mark Hall know his words and songs would speak to someone on the other side of the planet? Or is… Continue reading There is a string

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I will be hitting the big 30 in November and the major question on my mind is what do I have to show for it?Of course I can begin thinking and listing out all the "things" I think I have achieved - my job, my assets...etc but are they really worth it? Is this all my life amounts… Continue reading Legacy