The Largest Virtualization-Specific Event

What is the largest virtualization-specific event you could attend pre and post-Covid? The answer is VMworld. Some of you may already be familiar with this event. You may even have attended the event physically before Covid and online during and post-covid.

VMworld Barcelona 2018

VMworld is the largest virtualization-specific event that brings together experts, IT enthusiasts, and customers from around the planet in one location for fun-filled, action-packed sessions.

Loads of benefits

  • VMworld provides the opportunity to hear from industry leaders and global experts on new and exciting trends in the IT world.
  • It gives you a chance to advance your skills and get the latest training, tips and hands-on labs to keep you at the top of your career game.
  • You get a chance to build your technology network. Meet people from around the globe, engage colleagues and peers and share learnings and fresh ideas.
  • Finally, it gives you time to just have some fun. There are so many games, entertainment, surprise guests and loads of freebies.

The event typically lasts for a few days. If I remember correctly, pre-covid, the event usually lasts about 4 days and was split into two main sessions – one in America, for the Americas region and the second in Europe for the EMEA region. Post-covid everything is now virtual and the event has been moved online and does not last as long as the physical sessions. The online sessions are a 48-hour global event and split into different dates for different regions. This year the dates are;

  • AMERICAS | October 5 – 6, 2021
  • ASIA PACIFIC | October 6 – 7, 2021
  • EMEA | October 6 – 7, 2021

My Past experiences

VMworld 2018 Barcelona held at Fira Gran Via in Barcelona. It was a powerful mind-blowing event that has changed my thinking, perception and thoughts around IT & technology in general. Now, in 2021, I’m still yet to recover from its ripple effects.

I attended the online VMworld in 2020 but it didn’t quite compare to the immersive session I went through in 2018. While Covid has changed the way we work and has shown people that work can still get done without physically being in the office (Something I always knew and was happy I got a chance to enjoy), not being able to attend events like this in person is one thing I still miss. The online has yet to match up to the physical. Let’s see how this year’s event goes.

One of the nice things about this event was the solutions exchange theatre/area. Here, I got to interact with various OEMs and almost everyone had some freebie and collateral to give away for FREE. I mean F-R-E-E 😀
I won and received so many freebies in Barcelona that I had to buy another bag just for them.

Then, there was the food and snacks placed at strategic areas so you can refuel as you pace around engaging with people. I mentioned pacing. Yes, there was a lot of that. During the four day period, I was doing over 14,000 steps each day. Talk about burning calories

Finally, I got the chance to enter a Tesla. Now that was an awesome experience. Tesla has a showroom about a stone’s throw from the event center.


VMworld 2021, is a free event do not want to miss. VMware has a reputation of outdoing themselves so I’m sure this event will be better than the last. Add this information to the benefits I listed above and it definitely going to be an exciting event.

Remember the dates as listed above, bookmark them in your calendar and be sure to register from the main landing page here. Also, check out the session types and choose the appropriate sessions for your interests and experience level. You can do that on this page.

If you’re able to join, look out for me and I’ll be happy to connect.

See you in October 🙂

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