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A few days ago I was at “Next Shopping Mall” and I heard a song in Yoruba. The song is titled “Órenté” and it’s by “Adekune Gold”. Now the song is not fully in Yoruba, it does contain some English lyrics but it was quite nice.

Anyway, when I heard the song I had a strange feeling. I felt some weird love for the language and I was kinda proud that I was Yoruba. The next feeling was that I will like my kids to speak the language fluently. This second feeling was weird cos I think that’s what my father must have felt when he came home one day and insisted that we all begin speaking Yoruba to him – that never worked out. Instead I think it created a rift between us and him. We couldn’t really express our true selves because we had to rehearse everything we wanted to say then translate it from English to Yoruba before speaking it out.

However, the song was a good one and I ended up searching for it online and playing it back to back for a few days after. In the song, the guy is basically praising a lady for being loyal and sticking with him. He says

we may not have money but we have health, we may not have money but we have peace of mind. We may not have a roof over our head but our life is as sweet as honey…“.

Now you know why I love the song 😉

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