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The Signal

Was listening to Signal by Sara Groves. It’s one of the songs on her new album – Floodplain.

All the clichés about how fast kids grow are true. I woke up this morning eye to eye with you. The love songs and adages couldn’t explain the whole of all you’re becoming, body and soul

I could relate with the words of the song and it brought out some emotions in me too. As I write this, K is 13 months and she’s a little more than the full length of my torso. I remember holding her a few minutes after she was born and I remember how very tiny she was then. Right now she’s feeling a bit independent – wanting to wear her shoes on her own and close her feeding bottle by her self. It’s really a glimpse of years to come (God willing), where she may be taking decisions about which school to go to and which man to marry – I quivered a bit as I wrote that. 🙂

Anyway, there’s really so much emotion and love that has shown these past year. It’s a different kind of love too, different from the love I have for E. It feels like the love God has for me; It’s deep, purposeful, intense and has no bounds. I know I can do anything and everything for her.

Sara ends the song in a way I’ll want my wife and kids to remember me always. She says ;

All the clichés about how much I love you are true. As big as the sky and up to the moon, a million a zillion, infinity plus one

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