VMUG June Virtual Connect! (Update)

As a follow-up to one of my last posts on the June VMUG virtual connect event (I hope you’ve all registered), I got a VMUG communication today via email with the title – “Announcing Raghu Raghuram, NEW VMware CEO – ONLY at the 2021 Virtual Connect!” and I was excited. Why? Well, because I had followed the last CEO and I loved all he had done for VMware in the last few years. Sometimes I have to remind myself that there were other CEOs before him and he didn’t start the company. Pat was great and embodying the EPIC2 values and I personally felt the impact of this continent’s away.

Nevertheless, I am also excited to hear from Raghu. A lot of people I know and respect has talked about his passion and how he has successfully steered the company’s strategy and technology evolution across VMware’s rich history.

So, remember the date is the 10th of June. Be sure to register and save it in your calendar. It promises to be a blast.

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