vSphere Mobile Client – New Features

I’ve been using the vSphere mobile client for a while now. I found out about it from a colleague and installed it about a year ago. It has been a convenient way to access my vSphere environment directly from my mobile device. Especially because there are some days where getting to your laptop is almost impossible.

The app is freely available for download from the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store. VMware has recently released an update for this app and its got some new stuff. One of which is a feature which allows the users to choose to connect to both On-Premises and VMware Cloud deployment.

Other features of the mobile app includes the ability to interact with the virtual machine console (where the live console is shown) and explore hosts and clusters. You can get information about a host’s connection status or maintenance mode status. You can see the list of hosts, in each host card and you can find details like resource usage, issues indicator, related objects with or without issues.

For more details of these new features and more, check out the full post here. (FYI, the GIFs above were gotten from here)

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