October Odyssey – Final Four Qualifiers

I got an email with the above subject on the 30th and I was excited and confused. Confused because I remembered that I didn’t complete the vSAN-Advanced Game lab in time. I also noticed that I was quite low on the leaderboard so I was suprised to receive this email from the VMUG Event Coordinator.

Anyway, I reached out to her and she informed me that it was an error. This confirmed that I didn’t make the cut and won’t be getting the Sonos Speaker I so hope for. 😦

Oh, well…on to the next thing.


I got this in the mail today. Awesome

It’s a Fleece Jacket from Patagonia branded with VMware, Intel, and the VMUG October Odyssey 2020 logo. This almost feels better than getting the Sonos speaker. Maybe cos it was unexpected.

See you in the next one…

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